Altocloud Eyes European Expansion In 2017 With Key Sales Hire


Amanda Halpin joins Altocloud from Google to accelerate growth across key European markets

Amanda Halpin European Sales AltocloudThe way businesses communicate with their customers today is experiencing a revolution. Gone are the days of long wait times on the phone, or patience for a sales rep that is unable to predict the needs of their customers. Companies will either adapt to this new digital shift or be left behind very quickly.

This is happening on a global scale. At Altocloud, as we hone in our European expansion strategy, I am thrilled to announce Amanda Halpin as our new Sr Sales Executive for EMEA, based in our Galway office.

I recently sat down with Amanda to ask her more detail about her background and how she came to be the latest member of our team. We are thrilled to welcome her and can't wait to get started!!

Tell us a little bit more about your background - you spent the last several years @ Google, both in Dublin and NYC. What was that like?

My family is originally from Kilkee, Co. Clare, a beautiful seaside town on the West coast of Ireland. We had a family hotel business in Kilkee and decided to move up to Dublin when I was 4 years old to expand the business. Although I was young when we left Clare, I’ve always had a strong affiliation with the West of Ireland and have been a frequent visitor throughout the years.

When I joined Google in Dublin nearly eight years ago, it was like a dream come true. After a short stint as an administrative assistant, I moved to the Google Marketing Solutions sales team where I helped grow businesses through digital advertising. Free food and the other amazing perks aside, Google was a great place to start my professional career as it allowed me to work with a talented group of fun, intelligent, hard-working people from whom I learned a great deal.

The culture ingrained at Google taught me to think beyond the status quo, challenge myself, professionally and personally, and take bigger risks. It’s this mantra that brought me to Google New York. I quickly learned that working in the US market was a completely different ballgame compared with the Irish and UK markets. It was a hyper-competitive, high pressured environment which was great for developing my skills as a sales leader. A stroll around Central Park or over the iconic Brooklyn Bridge made the mid-week pressure all the more worthwhile.

How do you think that experience has helped you prepare to join a company like Altocloud?

When I joined Google after university, I thought I could apply the same method I used to succeed academically to become a high performer in the workplace. Study hard, execute well and you’ll get an A. Boy was I wrong! To succeed, you need to be your own customer; walk in your customer’s shoes, hold your products and services to the highest standards and be nimble so you can adapt quickly to changing environments. These elements are even more prevalent at a startup like Altocloud where we have the ability to change things fast.

What do you miss most about the concrete jungle of NYC?

No weekend is the same; one minute I would be getting lost in the works of Monet or Andy Warhol’s pop art and the next I would be in the middle of a charity pillow fight in Washington Square Park!

What appealed to you about working in Galway?

It’s an exciting time to be a part of Galway as huge commitments are being made to further enable indigenous and multinational business growth in the area. Businesses establishing themselves here are forward thinking and hiring extremely talented people so it’s a great opportunity to learn from this community.

From a personal standpoint, Galway is bursting with arts and culture, from Food Festivals to Street Performers, but you also have the serenity of the Atlantic Ocean and rural Ireland at your doorstep. The people are so friendly, the food is tasty and the sea breeze is refreshing- what’s not to like?!

What are you most looking forward to in term of challenges and opportunities @ Altocloud?

Altocloud is developing technology that fundamentally changes the way companies conduct business and it excites me to be a part of this revolution. Our aim is to make companies more intelligent when interacting with customers to improve customer satisfaction and drive online sales.

In terms of the opportunity, rolling up my sleeves and getting involved in all parts of the business really excites me. Being able to work closely with our product engineers for a continuous feedback loop and to establish a voice of the customer is critical for our growth. The chance to be on the front lines of a fast growth startup is exactly what I was looking for in the next step of my career.

Moving from a massive organization with lots of resources to a smaller company certainly poses its own challenges, but it’s a challenge I welcome with open arms!

With a growing list of customers around the world, and partnerships with Cisco, Salesforce and Five9, we need more rock stars like these on our team. If you are interested in joining us in Silicon Valley or Galway, Ireland, please check out our Careers page. We would love to hear from you!

Those based within EU, feel free to reach out to Amanda direct via this email address to book a demo or to discuss the customer communication needs within your business.