Altocloud Joins Genesys


Today we announced the very exciting news that Altocloud has been acquired by Genesys. It is a fantastic outcome for our team, our customers and our investors. As a start-up in a hot area like artificial intelligence, we had a lot of strategic interest from larger companies, but it was quickly clear to us that Genesys is the ideal match. Genesys is the customer experience leader, with over 10,000 customers in 100 countries. By joining forces, we will be able to help companies all over the world achieve better business outcomes through the power of the Altocloud platform combined with the world-leading Genesys portfolio. More specifically, the two companies are fully aligned on vision, architecture and culture.

We started Altocloud four years ago with the idea of transforming customer journeys using artificial intelligence. This fits perfectly with the Genesys vision of “Blended AI” which works seamlessly with live agents to solve customer problems faster and more efficiently. Both companies are all in on Cloud. The Altocloud engineering team built our platform from the ground up as a horizontally scalable microservices based architecture. Genesys embraces the same principles across its entire portfolio.

Altocloud Culture Genesys

Most importantly though, we have similar cultures. From the first day we sat down with the Genesys team, we just clicked. This has held through the many days we have spent together since. Altocloud was founded by three engineers - Dan Arra, Joe Smyth and myself. The engineering culture is particularly important to us (Joe describes the Altocloud culture here). We are biased towards action, respect, inclusiveness, openness and fun. The Genesys culture is an excellent fit for our team, and we are all looking forward to being part of it.

A milestone like this is an opportunity to reflect on all the people who contributed along the way. There have been many since our early days in a small room at NUI Galway. I am proud to have been part of the Altocloud team - you have built something from zero into a global success, and we have had so much fun doing it. I would also like to thank my co-founders Joe and Dan. Anyone who has worked with us knows that they are the brains and the heart of the leadership team. They are now taking on important leadership roles within Genesys and I am happy that we will continue to be colleagues as well as friends. We have had some amazing partners and customers who have been with us on this journey. We had fantastic investors and advisors, but three people really rolled up their sleeves and helped - our board member Maurice O’Gorman, lead advisor Kara Wilson and Pat Clune, Enterprise Ireland Development Advisor.

This is not the end of the Altocloud journey - we are moving to a new and exciting phase. As part of Genesys we look forward to working with our new colleagues to build the world’s best customer experience platform. 

Genesys Chief Product Officer (CPO), Peter Graf, discusses how this annoucement will impact the Genesys products hereFor more details, visit the official press release from Genesys here.