Four Reasons Why Customer Journey Analytics Is No Longer A Nice To Have



At Altocloud, we talk to customers and prospects every day who are in search of a better way to communicate with their customers. They know that digital transformation is happening and want to stay on the leading edge of what it takes to be a cloud, digital first company.

This is not without its challenges, of course. With any new shift in technology there is an education process that needs to happen. In the early days of Altocloud when we’d bring up a core term in our offering, “Customer Journey Analytics,” it was met with pause and confusion.

“Do you mean like Google Analytics?”

“We live in the call center, I don’t even know who runs our website!”


The reality is, Customer Journey Analytics and the value it brings is so much simpler than people might initially think. Companies like AppDynamics, TaxAct and Infoblox have proven to be forward thinking and are now seeing tremendous value in the real time intelligence provided to their sales and customer success teams.

An increase in pipeline velocity, Net Promoter Score and time to resolution are a few key metrics consistently reported. Customer Journey Analytics provides insights into what customers are doing on your website so that you may engage in real time to increase revenue conversions and improve customer support experiences.  Our goal is to make sales and support reps smarter, customers happier and achieve better outcomes.

Pasted image at 2017_04_21 09_44 AM.pngWhether selling to new customers or supporting existing customers, the customer journey – what people are doing in real time – is very important.  Additionally, customer journey analytics helps identify who your visitors are based upon their attributes such as their geographic location, device type, and through integration with CRM and Marketing Automation systems, you can also see the lead source, products owned, industry, and even company name.  

Below you will find four key reasons on the importance of Customer Journey Analytics and why you can’t afford not to be leveraging this technology in your future communications strategy. All with a trusty acronym to help you easily remember :)

Customer Journey Analytics allow you to:

SNAP Customer Journey Analytics-332371-edited.png
  • See what customers are doing before, during and after interacting with your company.
  • Notify reps so you are aware that important visitors are on your site or taking relevant actions (return pricing page visitor, for example).
  • Act to engage with visitors automatically based upon attributes and behaviors that indicate buying interest or need for support.
  • Predict how, when, and with whom to engage to achieve desired business goals or to improve customer experience.

Combining our customer journey analytics with market leaders like Cisco and Five9, our customers have been able to:

  • Identify and engage at the best moments
  • Improve customer support experiences and customer satisfaction
  • Accelerate revenue conversions and shorten sales cycles
  • Reduce the number of calls to complete a sale
  • Reduce form and cart abandon rates

If you are ready to take your team’s communication strategy to the next level, contact us today so we can show you the value of Customer Journey Analytics live on your website!