Introducing Our New and Improved Content Offers


Over the past few months, we have been working hard to bring our users a new, more enriched experience for delivering content to their potential customers. Today we are delighted to announce the release of our new upgraded Content Offer experience, which we in-house have lovingly but boringly christened “Content Offers v2.0”. For the rest of the blog post, for simplicity I will refer to our new content offers capabilities as “v2.0”

This blog post is a brief FAQ which will highlight what increased customization comes with v2.0 and how they integrate into your action maps.


  1. What happened to my current content offers?
  2. So what are the new content offers?
  3. How do I upgrade my Content Offers to v2.0?
  4. How do I create an Image Only Offer?
  5. What restrictions are on uploaded images and why?
  6. Tweaking Images Alignment
  7. How do I preview my Content Offer on Desktop and Mobile?
  8. What will be in Content Offers v3.0?

What happened to my current content offers?

Before we say anything else; fear not, we will still support action maps with content offers created pre v2.0. Any action map with content created pre v2.0 will have the same admin UI and same plain content offer screen as before. You can change the text and image. However, you cannot create new Action Maps with the old Content Offer design. We would encourage anyone using the old content offers though, to consider upgrading to v2.0 soon, as we will eventually phase out support for the older content offers.

So what are the new content offers?

Our new content offers give you more flexibility and customization than before. The look and feel of the offers has undergone a general overhaul and allow for multiple forms of interactions. These include lightboxes, fly-ins and animations. Choose from simple images or more enriched text and button based offers.


We also have created a designer with built in live-preview functionality. You will see this when you create a new Action Map and choose “Content” from the “Customer Engagement” Panel. The designer will let you create and edit your content and instantly see how the content will render for your website visitors on desktop and mobile. When you create a new Action Map, we will have a sample ready to go so you get up and running as quick as possible.

How do I create an Image Only Offer?

Click the “Image Only” button underneath “Style” in the designer. This will remove the text, description and button options from the “Content” section, and just let you pick a “Go To” URL for your content. The “Image Only” option will display the image you provide to the exact width and height of the original image on Desktop, and scale to fit nicely on mobile.

What restrictions are on uploaded images and why?

If you are uploading your images to Altocloud to display in your content offers, we restrict the size of the image to less than 512KB. This is to ensure that your images are quick to load and render nicely on desktop and mobile. You may provide a url to an image bigger than 512KB elsewhere if that is what you require.

Optimal Images

Optimal images for Image-With-Text offers should be 400 x 400 pixels, but you may require something larger if your description is large.

Tweaking Image Alignment

Sometimes, the image you upload and the text content you provide might not align perfectly. For these situations, you can use the “Padding” slider to adjust spacing around your image in order to align everything correctly.

How do I upgrade my Content Offers to v2.0?

Easy. Just create a new Action Map, and choose Content from the “Customer Engagement” panel. You will see the new designer and can begin to create your content. You can then disable/delete your old Action Map once you are finished.

What will be in Content Offers v3.0?

We would love to hear your feedback on the new designer and where we should take our content offer presentation and capabilities from here. We hope that you and your website visitors enjoy the new functionality!

Authors and Lead Developers for the new Content Offer 2.0: Han Wang, Senior Software Engineer and Colm Seale, Senior Software Engineer.  

About The Author

Han Wang, Lead Integration Engineer at Altocloud.