Coffee Hits, Vol 5: Thinking Strategically With AI


Since our last Customer Experience-focused Coffee Hits, we have been collecting some of the best articles around the web on Artificial Intelligence. AI is set to play a huge role in the future of the internet and everything related to digital transformation.

For this edition of Coffee Hits, we selected five of our favorite findings of the vast amount of articles online regarding AI over the last two weeks. These all look at AI from a different perspective, which is a big focus to our bi-weekly newsletter. Thinking objectively about such important transformations is crucial to any business decision.

To our new readers, twice a month we are sharing the top articles online that will help you drive your business in the right direction. The digital age isn’t slowing down and these articles will help you make sense of it all.

A.I., Customer Experience, Digital Transformation, and so much more.

Please enjoy the latest edition of Coffee Hits, and let us know what you think!


Here’s What You Need to Know About Voice AI, the Next Frontier of Brand Marketing by Ad Week

Chris Heine looks at the ways AI will shape the future of Brand Marketing. Using devices like Amazon Echo as a centerpiece, Chris outlines what the future will hold and is already starting to look like. Using examples within our day to day life and household, Chris paints a picture of the future which involves AI facilitating automatic orders from our household appliances, cars, and items within our day to day life.


Marketers need to start giving millennials what they want: artificial intelligence by Mumbrella

In the past month we have witnessed two prominent tech leaders, Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk voice their differences on AI. Both parties are big believers of AI and heavily invested in its future, but both have different views on the extent it will impact our everyday lives. Most importantly, how it will impact current professions and whether or not it goes beyond facilitating humans in the future, or overtaking humans when it comes to job creation.

The article by Mailee Creacy outlines research released on consumer perceptions of AI that proves younger generations are open-minded when it comes to the use of AI. Creacy goes on to look at how this will impact marketers, leading to the conclusion that ‘this generation expects to be spoken to in a personalised way and accepts that businesses will anticipate their needs in advance.’

Six Ways Marketers Need to Adapt in the AI Age by Ad Age

Dr. Ramendra Singh comments how behaviours and beliefs are rapidly changing. With this evolution, one of the biggest since the start of the digital age, brands need to adapt and recognize how it can change current marketing initiatives. The article outlines six ways marketers need to adapt, including:

  1. Moving from keywords to context
  2. Using structured and unstructured data together
  3. Creating shorter search funnels, with more content optimizations
  4. Training the AI system
  5. Rethinking segmentation
  6. Assessing your data science capabilities


AI for Marketing on the Hype Cycle: A Long Journey to the Plateau? by Gartner for Marketers

This post looks at AI in a more honest and open view, exploring the reality of the impact that AI will have on marketing. There is no shortage of hype on the topic of AI, and this author uses data from Gartner to estimate when we will actually see the impact of AI on day to day marketing. Reports quoted suggest it will take more than 10 years for AI in Marketing to reach the Plateau of Productivity.

Frank is confident in predicting that this effect will take a long time, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to ignore AI. On the contrary, it’s time to put learning about AI at the top of the strategic priority list, and to consider what role your organization will play when these technologies are woven into our markets and brand experiences.


Will AI Own Customer Service? Why Handing Over the Reins Isn’t Always Easy by Datanami

We know that AI is set to play a bigger role in Customer Experience (this is an area of massive focus for us at Altocloud). John Timmerman outlines here the hesitation brands have about surrendering Customer Service to AI:

“Simply put: fear and confusion are hindering marketing practitioners from utilizing AI to its full potential in the marketing realm. Too often, we use buzzwords that define the extreme, keeping professionals from understanding the root of a particular technology.”

However, to help break this down this confusion, Timmerman demonstrates how within subcategories of artificial intelligence many of these practices are already in place for customer service teams. The area of speech recognition (“in a few words, please tell us why you are calling”) is just one example that shows teams are already leveraging AI.

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