Gartner CX 17 Summit Summary: It is all about the Customer Journey!

By Miles Kane | May 31, 2017


How Bimodal IT can unleash CX Innovation

A few weeks ago Gartner brought together IT and Business leaders in London for its annual Customer Experience (CX) Summit. The focus of this event was around the practice of designing and delivering a renowned customer experience.

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Altocloud CEO: AI, Moonshots, and the future of Enterprise Communications

By Miles Kane | May 19, 2017


Here is the deal: my boss might have stirred up a bit of controversy recently. At this year’s Enterprise Connect, Barry O’Sullivan (Altocloud CEO) joined a panel on the topic of AI and the future it has to disrupt the Enterprise Communications industry. When asked for his “moonshot idea,” Barry replied,

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Altocloud announces Sales Communications Solution built on Cisco Spark Platform


Company signs agreement for Cisco to resell Altocloud Solution

ORLANDO, Fla. – March 27, 2017 – Altocloud, the Digital Customer Engagement Company, today announced a Sales Communications Solution built on the Cisco Spark Platform. The solution uses Customer Journey Analytics to identify prospects of interest on a company’s website and instantly alert team members in a Spark space. Sales Reps can immediately engage prospects matching interesting personas, directly from within Spark.

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Altocloud and Facebook Messenger - a new customer engagement paradigm

By Joe Smyth, CTO | April 12, 2016

San Francisco, California. April 12, 2016. We are incredibly excited to announce Altocloud’s integration with Facebook’s new Messenger Platform. Today at F8, Facebook announced the launch of Bots on Messenger, and new APIs that bring access to 900 million Messenger users to businesses around the globe. At Altocloud we have been working hard to take advantage of this new functionality.  

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Staying in Sync with Customers - User Centered Design Tips for Engineers

By Gevorg Soghomonyan | March 31, 2016

Users: The Endless Source of Inspiration for Engineers

Users and engineers are like two entities who swing near each other, operating in parallel without ever meeting. While they begin in unison, over time they can start swinging at different speeds and eventually start swinging in different directions.

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Improvement is Always about People

When we think of new disruptive ideas that change how people work and interact, we tend to focus on the new technologies that enable this. And we are certainly not short of exciting impactful technologies here in 2014 – including cloud infrastructure, mobile devices, big data, analytics, WebRTC, cloud-based communications and more. However the adoption of new ideas typically must also driven by new groups and new people who come to current business problems with a fresh perspective and a different set of needs. This is indeed the deeper meaning of Clayton Christensen’s famous “Innovators Dilemma” which is not really about overpowering with new technology but rather about meeting new and often unstated needs of new groups in new ways.

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