Transferring Knowledge through Web Components

By Gevorg Soghomonyan | January 5, 2017

Web apps are (arguably) the most efficient way of transferring knowledge. Right now, most of the information in the world can be obtained from websites - be it an online course, news or other types of media. So one can alternatively think of web apps as conduits of knowledge. If web apps have such an important responsibility, then their structure matters. Let’s stop for a second to look at how web app architecture trends have progressed over time.

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The Life of Data at Altocloud

Building resilient distributed systems that enable large scale data processing in real-time is hard.

The presentation given below by our Chief Data Scientist (Maciej) introduces Altocloud's data platform utilising Apache Spark, Kafka, and Cassandra to track and analyse millions of events per day.

The system was designed to serve some of the following use cases in a reliable and highly scalable manner:

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JavaScript SDK: behind the curtains

By Ismael Rivera | April 28, 2016

Two of Altocloud’s key selling points are real-time customer analytics and digital messaging. In order to collect & analyse online visitors behaviour and provide websites with pro-active messaging capabilities, websites need to embed a small snippet of JavaScript which asynchronously loads Altocloud’s JavaScript SDK.

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Altocloud's Infrastructure from 30,000 feet

By Colm Hally | November 20, 2015

If you’ve heard about Altocloud, you’ve probably heard mention of our scalable data analytics platform. Today, I’d like to delve a little deeper into our infrastructure, providing some background on the microservices architecture and Apache Spark deployment that allows us to deliver realtime analytics at scale.

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