Introducing Coffee Hits: Your Biweekly Guide to Digital Transformation


With the current deluge of information online regarding the topic of transforming your business to the latest trends, it can be easy to get lost in the noise.

This is where the idea for Coffee Hits comes from.  

Every two weeks we plan to bring you top articles that will matter to anyone with a role focused on delighting your customers and driving your business through digital transformation. We live and breathe this material on a daily basis at Altocloud, and trust you will see the same value while enjoying your morning coffee (or tea!). 

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Altocloud CEO: AI, Moonshots, and the future of Enterprise Communications

By Miles Kane | May 19, 2017


Here is the deal: my boss might have stirred up a bit of controversy recently. At this year’s Enterprise Connect, Barry O’Sullivan (Altocloud CEO) joined a panel on the topic of AI and the future it has to disrupt the Enterprise Communications industry. When asked for his “moonshot idea,” Barry replied,

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Top 5 Lessons from Two Top Tech Events that CMO's Can't Ignore for 2017

Last November I attended Inbound, a popular marketing and sales event hosted by Hubspot in their home city of Boston. Throughout the week I found there was common trends in the majority of talks and workshops. More recently, I followed Ireland's latest Tech Conference, the Dublin Tech Summit. Again, similar trends stood out from the event, although the Tech Summit itself offered a broader perspective when compared to the inbound and content focus of the Inbound 2016 event.

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Getting Started with Altocloud - Practical Guide to Adding the Tracking Code to your website

By Oisin Greaney | July 13, 2016

In previous blog posts we’ve discussed how Altocloud’s JavaScript SDK works behind the scenes. In this first series of practical tips, our customer success team has outlined the steps involved in Getting Started with Altocloud. The top level benefits of Altocloud will be highlighted as soon as live data displays in your account. We’ve provided generalized instructions that will allow Altocloud integration with most sites, but for the purpose of this guide we focused on three popular CMS and eCommerce systems: Wordpress, WooCommerce, Magento, and Shopify.  

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Altocloud and Facebook Messenger - a new customer engagement paradigm

By Joe Smyth, CTO | April 12, 2016

San Francisco, California. April 12, 2016. We are incredibly excited to announce Altocloud’s integration with Facebook’s new Messenger Platform. Today at F8, Facebook announced the launch of Bots on Messenger, and new APIs that bring access to 900 million Messenger users to businesses around the globe. At Altocloud we have been working hard to take advantage of this new functionality.  

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Big Data Analytics for Sales People – Tools for Success

The key to successful selling is identifying what your customers need and engaging them at the right moments in their journey. Understanding why, how, what, and when your prospects want to buy takes time. To do this, you need the right data – and a lot of it. You can try to meet with every single customer, or… you can use customer journey analytics and machine learning to understand:

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Think You Have a Digital Strategy? Think Again

By Barry O'Sullivan, CEO | March 11, 2015

This article was originally published on in advance of the leading industry communications conference Enterprise Connect 2015. Altocloud innovates at the intersection of e-commerce, marketing automation and real-time communications - our next event is the Magento Imagine e-commerce conference.

Three ways to beat your “born digital” competitors

The enterprise communications industry is undergoing a silent, invisible revolution. This time it's not being driven by a technology shift but by a fundamental change in the way business gets done. Every business process has been completely re-imagined to work in a digital world. Mostly the imagination and innovation in every sector has come from companies that didn't exist five years ago -- companies that were "born digital."

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