Messaging: A New Command Line for the Enterprise

By Barry O'Sullivan, CEO | May 5, 2016

As a general rule, the experience for a customer communicating with a business is as much fun as of scraping fingernails down a blackboard. People fear public speaking more that death, but my guess is that if “calling a call center” were on the survey, it would be the runaway top answer.

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Big Data Analytics for Sales People – Tools for Success

The key to successful selling is identifying what your customers need and engaging them at the right moments in their journey. Understanding why, how, what, and when your prospects want to buy takes time. To do this, you need the right data – and a lot of it. You can try to meet with every single customer, or… you can use customer journey analytics and machine learning to understand:

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Staying in Sync with Customers - User Centered Design Tips for Engineers

By Gevorg Soghomonyan | March 31, 2016

Users: The Endless Source of Inspiration for Engineers

Users and engineers are like two entities who swing near each other, operating in parallel without ever meeting. While they begin in unison, over time they can start swinging at different speeds and eventually start swinging in different directions.

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Drinking Our Own Champagne - Predictive Communications

Product companies often talk about how they “eat their own dog food” or “drink their own champagne”.  I thought it would be fun and informative to combine these things with a quick story about accelerating sales with Predictive Communications – the combination of predictive analytics and real-time communications.

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"All others bring data"

"All others bring data."

W. Edwards Deming, the famous management consultant and statistician also said, “It is not enough to do your best; you must know what to do, and then do your best.” Mr. Deming’s advice was given at a time when decisions were not often made based upon data… as data was not so readily available. Today we have the opposite problem. As everyone is aware, the amount of data being created has exploded at an incredible rate. 90% of the data in the world today was created in the last two years.

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Obi-Wan was in Marketing...

By Dan Arra, VP of Business Development | January 27, 2015

"These are not the leads you're looking for."
Obi-Wan Kenobi, Lead Generation Jedi Master

Can data science help you find the best leads… or is this just an old Jedi mind trick? Marketing faces two primary challenges when building lead generation systems:

  1. Attracting people to visit your website and converting them to leads
  2. Engaging your Sales people with these website-generated leads
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