Top 5 Lessons from Two Top Tech Events that CMO's Can't Ignore for 2017

Last November I attended Inbound, a popular marketing and sales event hosted by Hubspot in their home city of Boston. Throughout the week I found there was common trends in the majority of talks and workshops. More recently, I followed Ireland's latest Tech Conference, the Dublin Tech Summit. Again, similar trends stood out from the event, although the Tech Summit itself offered a broader perspective when compared to the inbound and content focus of the Inbound 2016 event.

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Chief Data Scientist at Altocloud, Shortlisted Finalist for Data Scientist of the Year

Maciej Dabrowski Nominated For Data Scientist of the Year at the inaugural Data Science Awards, DatSci 2016.

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Casting the Net Wider: Altocloud Introduces Twitter Direct Messaging

By Eanna Hegarty | August 12, 2016

Altocloud is proud to announce their latest feature: Twitter Direct Messaging. This is just the latest addition to our wide range of communication channels that allow our customers to interact with their customers. Now agents can make sales, handle queries and provide support to the Twitter community from Altocloud’s Agent Desktop.

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3 Questions To Find Your Next Startup Sales Hire

By Miles Kane | June 9, 2016

Recruiting sales people is hard. If there is one thing sales people are good at selling, it is themselves. Most interviews follow a set of questions like:

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TMC 2015 Interview with Altocloud

Altocloud CEO, Barry O'Sullivan discusses how Altocloud's solution enables organizations to present website visitors with the option to engage with them via an array of communications channels, such as voice, video, or text, or to receive a callback.

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Improve Marketo campaigns with Altocloud’s proactive engagement

By Ismael Rivera | November 12, 2015

Marketo is one of the leading marketing automation solutions on the market.  Marketo offers a set of powerful tools for automated campaigns, allowing for better prospect profiling and streamlining of the sales process.

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Top 5 Tips for Web Summit Survival

We have put together the Top 5 tips to make your Web Summit experience go without a hitch. If you're like most people attending the Summit, you will probably be diving headfirst into the events and activities. Often this is after a busy day at the office spent wrapping everything up for your three days out of the office. 

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Online buyer Behavior. What we can learn from traditional buyer Behavior?

Online and real world shopping behaviors are becoming more intertwined. Combine the best of both worlds with predictive customer journey analytics and real time communications.

The lines between offline and online shopping experiences are blurring.  Imagine the last time you bought a car, remodeled your kitchen or selected a bank for your home mortgage.  Your journey probably started on the web and also included interactions with real people. 

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[Recorded Webinar]Predictive Communications – Connecting and Engaging at the Right Time 

This month we participated in a Webinar titled 'Predictive Communications - Connecting and Engaging At the Right Time. 

Panelists on this webinar consisted of Jim Lundy of Aragon , Steven Wastie, CMO of AppDynamics and Barry O’Sullivan, CEO of Altocloud. The informative Webinar focused on the future of communication and how Predictive Communications can make a difference.

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Drinking Our Own Champagne - Predictive Communications

Product companies often talk about how they “eat their own dog food” or “drink their own champagne”.  I thought it would be fun and informative to combine these things with a quick story about accelerating sales with Predictive Communications – the combination of predictive analytics and real-time communications.

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Customer Journey : You're an expert at driving people to your website.  Now what? 

As eCommerce managers, marketers and online businesses we work hard to get the appropriate users to the site. We invest money in search engine optimization, online advertising, off line advertising, PR and much more to get a targeted group of users to our website.

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