Required Reading: Four Books That Will Make You Rethink Your Contact Center Strategy

I've often thought of myself as an amateur neuroscientist; I truly enjoy reading about what makes us tick, motivates us, and how to increase the probability of achieving our goals.  Call me crazy, but I have observed that the distance between neuroscience and Contact Centers is closer than you think.

It is true!

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Predictive Analytics: Bad for Elections, Good for Digital Marketing

By Aisling O'Sullivan | December 7, 2016

The recent election of Donald Trump for President of the United States came as a shock to many people, not even celebrity data scientist Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight saw this one coming!

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Introducing Altocloud's Integration with HubSpot

By Stephen Dooley | October 18, 2016

At Altocloud we are excited to announce our latest integration with HubSpot. HubSpot does a great job of automating your Inbound Marketing and tracking your leads through the sales channel. With Altocloud you can now use your HubSpot data to supercharge your Customer Engagement: turn your unknown site visitors into known visitors to ensure that your BDR's have all the HubSpot data at their fingertips when engaging with new leads. Additionally, your sales team can now target visitors from new companies based on their lifecycle state or HubSpot score. 

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Altocloud Named Cool Vendor by Gartner

Altocloud named as a Cool Vendor in Gartner's CRM Customer Service and Support 2015 report

On April 9th, Gartner analysts Olive Huang, Jenny Sussin, Steve Blood, Brian Manusama, Jim Davies, Michael Maoz and Drew Kraus released their 2015 "Cool Vendors in CRM Customer Service and Support" report which named Altocloud as an innovative vendor “with applications to deliver a superior customer service experience and/or reduce operational costs."

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Think You Have a Digital Strategy? Think Again

By Barry O'Sullivan, CEO | March 11, 2015

This article was originally published on in advance of the leading industry communications conference Enterprise Connect 2015. Altocloud innovates at the intersection of e-commerce, marketing automation and real-time communications - our next event is the Magento Imagine e-commerce conference.

Three ways to beat your “born digital” competitors

The enterprise communications industry is undergoing a silent, invisible revolution. This time it's not being driven by a technology shift but by a fundamental change in the way business gets done. Every business process has been completely re-imagined to work in a digital world. Mostly the imagination and innovation in every sector has come from companies that didn't exist five years ago -- companies that were "born digital."

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We Need to Change the Channel

By Barry O'Sullivan, CEO | January 30, 2015

This article was written following Barry O'Sullivan's panel discussion at the January 2015 BT Evolution Forum in Dublin that took place during the BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition, and was previously published on the BT Ireland blog.

I had the chance recently to speak at the BT Evolution Forum in Dublin on “The Rise of Digital Channels”. It was a fantastic event and it got me thinking about the concept of channels when it comes to online business.

There is an old story about an American tourist getting lost during a holiday in the south west of Ireland.  He meets a friendly farmer on the road and asks for directions to Killarney.  The farmer scratches head and says: “ If I was you, I wouldn’t start from here at all”.  At Altocloud, the question I get asked most often by our customers is “How do I get started with a multichannel or 'omnichannel' strategy?”  Let me give you my perspective in this blog.

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Obi-Wan was in Marketing...

By Dan Arra, VP of Business Development | January 27, 2015

"These are not the leads you're looking for."
Obi-Wan Kenobi, Lead Generation Jedi Master

Can data science help you find the best leads… or is this just an old Jedi mind trick? Marketing faces two primary challenges when building lead generation systems:

  1. Attracting people to visit your website and converting them to leads
  2. Engaging your Sales people with these website-generated leads
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How to Personalize Customer Journeys with Predictive Analytics

By Sam Wolfe, Altocloud | November 21, 2014

Editors note: See Altocloud live at Magento Imagine Commerce 2015, April 20-22.

It’s no secret to e-commerce companies that long-term business success lies in personalization of the overall customer experience. By targeting your recommendations and special offers to the individual needs and intent of each buyer, you increase the likelihood and size of both immediate and follow-on sales. Multichannel Merchant predicted that 2014 would be the year of personalization – although your organization may already be well down this path! Their “prediction” makes the point that personalization is a means to an end – relevant, timely experiences that increase sales – and that, most importantly: personalization depends on effective analytics that gives you real insights into likely customer behavior.

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Where did the E-Commerce Phone go?

By Sam Wolfe, Altocloud | November 11, 2014

Editors note: See Altocloud live at Magento Imagine Commerce 2015, April 20-22.

For a business of any size, communication with your clients is obviously a critical part of creating strong customer relationships. We are all used to using our phones for all kinds of marketing, sales and support activity. But is the phone now obsolete for e-commerce businesses? When all of your customers are online, do you really want them to be hunting down phone numbers and getting lost in a completely disjointed experience that has no connection to their recent online activity?

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Four Steps - Using Data Analytics in Customer Service Solutions

We live in the world “powered" by the Web and communications where one in every three people have access to the internet and close to quarter of a million phones are shipped every hour globally. The amount of data shared every day is astonishing, reaching exabytes (millions of terabytes) every day. Analysis of the vast requires new techniques and tools that make our online experiences more personalised and effective.

Data analytics played a key role in the success of eCommerce in the last decade and has since manifested its value in a number of other domains including biotechnology, education or health care. The growth in volume, but in particular variety and velocity of relevant data led to the big data analytics trend.

However, in the customer service domain, the use of data analytics is far from optimal, leaving petabytes of valuable customer data unexplored and lowering the quality of customer service.

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Improvement is Always about People

When we think of new disruptive ideas that change how people work and interact, we tend to focus on the new technologies that enable this. And we are certainly not short of exciting impactful technologies here in 2014 – including cloud infrastructure, mobile devices, big data, analytics, WebRTC, cloud-based communications and more. However the adoption of new ideas typically must also driven by new groups and new people who come to current business problems with a fresh perspective and a different set of needs. This is indeed the deeper meaning of Clayton Christensen’s famous “Innovators Dilemma” which is not really about overpowering with new technology but rather about meeting new and often unstated needs of new groups in new ways.

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