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Altocloud and Cisco, working together

Thank you for visiting Altocloud, the digital customer engagement company. Altocloud integrates easily into websites and mobile applications, and with Cisco's Collaboration and Contact Center systems to accelerate revenue and improve customer experiences.

  • Customer Journey Analytics: Connect the dots with live analytics and reporting to discover, analyze and predict customer behavior patterns.
  • Digital Messaging: Use Cisco Finesse or Cisco Spark to connect with customers using their preferred messaging apps – Facebook Messenger, Twitter DM, Telegram, SMS, and Web Chat.
  • Real Time Communications: Altocloud is seamlessly integrated with Cisco UCCE, Spark, Spark Care and Jabber.


Cisco Solutions Partner

We are a Cisco Solutions Partner. 

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See, Notify, Act and Predict - A Snapshot Of Customer Success 

Altocloud uses machine learning to drive intelligent engagement according to personas, behaviors, and predictions. Need integration with Cisco, Slack, Salesforce, Marketo or Hubspot? We’ve got you covered!
SEE What Customers are doing


SEE what customers
are doing

Boost team performance by
understanding the context
of customers’ journeys.

Notify your team about important customers


NOTIFY your team about
important customers

With SMS and desktop alerts, your
CSRs will always know when important
and high-value customers are there.

ACT automatically at the right time


ACT automatically at
the right time

Engage interested visitors with chat
or content. Escalate to video to build
relationships and trust.

PREDICT customers needs and improve outcomes


PREDICT customer needs to improve outcomes

Reduce: sales cycles and tire kickers.
Increase: revenue and average order
values by engaging the right prospects

Cisco and Altocloud Integrations:

  1. Altocloud Spark Integration
    Identify visitors of interest on a company’s website and instantly alert team members in a Spark room. Spark users can immediately engage customers matching the "Hot Prospect" persona, or other intersting personas, directly from within Spark. Altocloud automatically sets up a 1-to-1 private Spark room enabling customer collaboration leading to successful outcomes.
  2. Finesse Agent Desktop Integration with Altocloud Gadgets
    View Customer Journey Context and Analytics in real-time. Altocloud's Finesse Gadgets show your agents exactly what customers are doing on your digital assets and tightly integrates digital experiences with your Contact Center.
  3. Cisco Context Service Integration
    Altocloud delivers PODs (Pieces of Data) to the Cisco Context Service containing the Customer Journey Context and Analytics enabling you to enhance your Agent experience with a visual understanding of the Customers' digital journey.


Altocloud and Cisco Collaborations

Here are some pointers to Cisco-related materials in addition to our standard website:

  1. Read more about our approach to enhancing customer care experiences using the cloud-based Altocloud Platform.
  2. Read our blog on key predictive communication topics, including disruption in the communications industry.
  3. Please request an online demo where we can directly discuss with you the value of applying predictive analytics to real-time customer communications within your business, and how Altocloud integrates with Cisco Customer Collaboration systems including CUCM, Jabber, DX Series collaboration devices and more.
  4. Follow us on Twitter @Altocloud to stay up-to-date with our latest news. 


Talk to the team today, and:

  • Learn more about Cisco Spark Integration including our recently launched Spark Care Integration with Altocloud,
  • See Altocloud Finesse Gadgets and Contact Center Solutions,
  • Discuss how to get started with Altocloud. 




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