Altocloud for Customer Care

Connect to your customers at the right time, resolve issues efficiently and help the overall customer experience remain positive.

Customer Care


Altocloud using the context of the customer journey can make proactive offers of customer care assistance to the most important customer situations based on who the customer is, what they are looking for and whether they appear to be stuck.

For customer service Reps, Altocloud’s contextual communication software chooses the best Rep and shows them the customer journey. The process is much more productive than waiting for customers to make disjointed phones calls where you have to start again with their entire online context lost.


  • Increase customer satisfaction from better integrated self service and live customer communications that solves their problems more quickly
  • Better routing to the right Rep and increased Rep productivity from knowing the context of the customer’s journey
  • Reduction of future customer care load from being able to guide customers to where the right information is available online so they learn how to make better use of self service for their needs  in the future
  • More efficient internal operations from integrating web, mobile and communications in one system


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"As the customer care manager at Smyths Toys my role is about keeping the customer happy. We have a large volume of traffic to the website and a high number customer tickets daily. Since using Altocloud we have improved efficiency of the team and are solving customer issues more quickly.  We are also suggesting better alternatives for discontinued products. The most important benefit is our new  ability to engage customers who would have previously left our website without a sale"

Customer Care Manager, Smyths Toys.

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