Altocloud for eCommerce

Convert shoppers to buyers and talk with the right visitors at the right moments


Sometimes important customers get stuck or confused on your site. This creates unnecessary friction, and what started out as a promising lead, is suddenly lost.

Altocloud helps to prevent this by analyzing and profiling the specifics of individual customer journeys – giving you the context behind their visit so you can connect with the right message at the right time.

With Altocloud, you can see product and transaction information, eCommerce conversion rate, time to purchase and other data. Ultimately, our software integrates with your overall eCommerce strategy to improve conversions. To support the in-depth customer analytics with actions, Altocloud offers video, voice and callback functionality in addition to chat messaging so you can pick the most effective way to engage your customers and reduce the time it takes to get the job done.


  • Full visibility of the customer journey live on your website
  • Maximize the self service customer via your websites eCommerce channels
  • Increased conversions and revenue closure by engaging the right shoppers at the right time
  • Pick up on points of friction and reduce abandons of “invested” visitors
  • Use outcome scoring to discover if a customer is closer or further away from conversion
  • Create optimized content offers based on customer behavior and outcome probabilities
  • Improve internal operations by integrating web, mobile and communications into one place


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"Altocloud allows us to profile and engage prospects where they are - online - according to their personas and behaviors to improve customer experiences and revenue conversion"

Steven Wastie
Chief Marketing Officer, AppDynamics

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