Altocloud CEO: AI, Moonshots, and the future of Enterprise Communications

By Miles Kane | May 19, 2017


Here is the deal: my boss might have stirred up a bit of controversy recently. At this year’s Enterprise Connect, Barry O’Sullivan (Altocloud CEO) joined a panel on the topic of AI and the future it has to disrupt the Enterprise Communications industry. When asked for his “moonshot idea,” Barry replied,

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Building A Product For Scale: An Engineer’s Update

By Eoin Joyce | May 12, 2017


Since day one at Altocloud we've placed a huge importance on building a product that will scale as we grow the company. We are fortunate to count web performance guru Steve Souders as one of our advisors and his ongoing guidance has been extremely beneficial to our team. Over the past few months, we have been making significant enhancements to the structure of our web application, having expanded the scope of our previously-segmented Agent and Admin applications, into a single User application.

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Altocloud Customer Journey Analytics plus Cisco Contact Center =  Stronger, Together

By Miles Kane | May 5, 2017


As a Cisco Solution Partner, we are focused at Altocloud on continuing to innovate on ways to bring our Customer Journey Analytics into Cisco’s suite of Collaboration products to drive more intelligent engagement opportunities for our joint end users. The last few months our product team has been hard at work with our Cisco counterparts expanding on the integration work we’ve done to date.

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Altocloud Doubles its Workforce in One Year


As we continue to scale our business both in the US and Europe, considerable effort and resources have been put into building out the more specialist roles, including key hires that focus on our partnerships and customer-facing roles.

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A Customer Journey, Gone Horribly Wrong…..

By Miles Kane | April 28, 2017


Editor's note: I received the following story via email from a current Altocloud customer recently. Names have been withheld to protect the identity of the parties involved, however I felt it was too relevant of a story not to share. The below perfectly outlines the problem we are working on daily at Altocloud. I continue to be amazed at the number of companies out there who still haven’t adopted a digital real time engagement strategy for their business. Plenty more work to be done by the Altocloud gang!

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Four Reasons Why Customer Journey Analytics Is No Longer A Nice To Have

By Miles Kane | April 21, 2017


At Altocloud, we talk to customers and prospects every day who are in search of a better way to communicate with their customers. They know that digital transformation is happening and want to stay on the leading edge of what it takes to be a cloud, digital first company.

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Altocloud Eyes European Expansion In 2017 With Key Sales Hire

By Miles Kane | April 13, 2017

Amanda Halpin joins Altocloud from Google to accelerate growth across key European markets

The way businesses communicate with their customers today is experiencing a revolution. Gone are the days of long wait times on the phone, or patience for a sales rep that is unable to predict the needs of their customers. Companies will either adapt to this new digital shift or be left behind very quickly.

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Altocloud announces Sales Communications Solution built on Cisco Spark Platform

By Dan Arra, VP Customer Success | March 27, 2017


Company signs agreement for Cisco to resell Altocloud Solution

ORLANDO, Fla. – March 27, 2017 – Altocloud, the Digital Customer Engagement Company, today announced a Sales Communications Solution built on the Cisco Spark Platform. The solution uses Customer Journey Analytics to identify prospects of interest on a company’s website and instantly alert team members in a Spark space. Sales Reps can immediately engage prospects matching interesting personas, directly from within Spark.

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Messaging For Sales – A Getting Started Primer

By Miles Kane | March 1, 2017

It’s no secret that messaging has exploded in the last few years. Slack, Spark, Whatsapp, iMessage, Snapchat, etc. When was the last time you actually used the phone app to talk to friends or family? 

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Top 5 Lessons from Two Top Tech Events that CMO's Can't Ignore for 2017

Last November I attended Inbound, a popular marketing and sales event hosted by Hubspot in their home city of Boston. Throughout the week I found there was common trends in the majority of talks and workshops. More recently, I followed Ireland's latest Tech Conference, the Dublin Tech Summit. Again, similar trends stood out from the event, although the Tech Summit itself offered a broader perspective when compared to the inbound and content focus of the Inbound 2016 event.

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