Altocloud Customer Journey Analytics plus Cisco Contact Center = Stronger, Together


As a Cisco Solution Partner, we are focused at Altocloud on continuing to innovate on ways to bring our Customer Journey Analytics into Cisco’s suite of Collaboration products to drive more intelligent engagement opportunities for our joint end users. The last few months our product team has been hard at work with our Cisco counterparts expanding on the integration work we’ve done to date.

Demo of Insurance Company website powered by Altocloud plus Cisco UCCE 11.5

We are excited to share with you today our latest integrations which include the following highlights:

  • Customer Journey Context: Deliver customer journey history and profile with calls and ECE chats to Finesse Agent Desktop. Customer profile includes Persona Match, Company name (based on IP address), Return Visitor information, Technographic information (Browser, OS, Device Type)

  • Dynamic Chat: Identify and select visitors for ECE chats based on their Customer Journey Behavior and Attributes

  • Predictive Chat: Identify and select visitors for ECE chats based on predictive analytics e.g. this visitor most likely to convert if we offer chat now

  • Content Offers: Provide custom content offers and surveys to web visitors based on their behavior and attributes.

Altocloud supercharges UCCE by using the power of Customer Journey Analytics to drive real time, smarter interactions. In addition to the above features we are also working on the ability to escalate from ECE Chat to a Spark Video call (currently in beta), right from your agent desktop. By combining Altocloud with Cisco’s UCCE 11.5 and ECE, we are making agents smarter, customers happier, and driving better business outcomes!

To learn more, please contact us here to discuss ways we can bring this powerful solution to the market together!