Coffee Hits, Vol 4: Customer Experience is the New Marketing


Customer Experience has once again taken center stage for an Altocloud blog post. For our latest edition of Coffee Hits, we have explored five of our favorite findings on this beloved topic over the last two weeks.

With many predicting that Customer Experience is ready to take centre stage when it comes to choosing products or services, it has become an integral feature with any marketing plan. According to a Walker study, by the year 2020 Customer Experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator.

Going back as far as the 4 Ps, Customer Experience deserves just as much attention if not more than Product and Price that have served us very well for decades. Topics like Customer Experience, AI, Chatbots are too important to ignore.

To our new readers, every two weeks we are sharing the top articles online that will help you drive your business in the right direction. The digital age isn’t slowing down and these articles will help you make sense of it all.

A.I., Customer Experience, Digital Transformation, and so much more.

Please enjoy the latest edition of Coffee Hits, and let us know what you think!


3 Ways to Ace Customer Service in an Omnichannel Era by ICMI

In this post, ICMI look into three key methods to get the best Customer Service methods setup when using multiple channels at once.

So how can organizations in the omnichannel era meet both customer and business needs? 1) Use Analytics to Understand your Customer, 2) Enlist Robots (and humans) in your Workforce, and 3) Champion the Employee. The post outlines how the search for the perfect customer recipe is in the omnichannel era is not an easy one. Technology and businesses need to adjust to get a near perfect mix.


The forgotten touch point in your customer experience by Customer Think

The author Willemijn Schneyder refers to the obvious and often neglected touch points within each customer journey. To illustrate this he talks about the unboxing of a new coffee machine and the corresponding instructions that follow. The customer might first see instructions on how to clean the machine, when the reality is most people just want to know straight away how to set up and get going! This happens in every type of customer journey, on and offline.

Beyond the Help Line: What Contact Centers Can Do to Elevate the Customer Experience  by Customer Think

“Beloved brands do more than sell a great product or service,” states Ron Lambert in this post about how contact centers can help drive customer experience. He focuses his argument around three main points:

1) legacy tools and metrics are holding contact centers back

2) closing the gap of the digital adoption curve

3) meeting customers where they are (and want you to be!)


Today's Customer Experience Technology Stack For The Modern Customer by Forbes

“The key to a strong technology stack is to make a seamless experience for the customer” states Blake Morgan as he describes developing the perfect Customer Experience stack for the digital era. Not only has digital impacted obvious areas within a company, including marketing and sales it has had a huge impact on the way companies drive customer experience today.

Although internally things might be divided amongst various teams and apps, the customer should have the same experience no matter if they are communicating with a brand on social media, browsing products online, or calling in with a question after making a purchase.   


AI And Chatbots Are Transforming The Customer Experience by Forbes

It is difficult to get through a blog these days that focuses on Customer Experience and doesn’t mention AI. It is after all part of the future and present for Customer Experience.

The author of this article is one of our favourite CX experts, Shep Hyken. Here Hyken points out that the best businesses “deliver a customer experience (CX) in which customers cannot tell if they are communicating with a human or a computer.”

Studies and reports show that customers want quick, frictionless solutions to their problems and answers to their questions. It’s clear that a solution like AI and Chatbots can make businesses more efficient in this area. Done the right way, these technologies can have a massive impact on the customer experience. Chatbots don’t sleep, they won’t make you wait and they can help build stronger relationships with your customers.

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