Altocloud extends Cisco Spark and leverages Tropo for SMS

Altocloud integration with Cisco Spark and Tropo for SMS

See how Altocloud integrates with Tropo and Spark to create a Customer Engagement Solution.  Altocloud opens Spark rooms for customer engagement.

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Top 5 Tips for Web Summit Survival

We have put together the Top 5 tips to make your Web Summit experience go without a hitch. If you're like most people attending the Summit, you will probably be diving headfirst into the events and activities. Often this is after a busy day at the office spent wrapping everything up for your three days out of the office. 

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Resist the Tyranny of Cloud IaaS Lock-In!

By Joe Smyth, CTO | June 6, 2014

Like many software startups today, Altocloud has a relatively compact development team rapidly iterating enterprise-class software as a service (SaaS) solutions that need to be instantly deployable to customers across the globe. Agile methodologies, architectural flexibility and smart use of cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) are key ingredients for success.

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Four Steps - Using Data Analytics in Customer Service Solutions

We live in the world “powered" by the Web and communications where one in every three people have access to the internet and close to quarter of a million phones are shipped every hour globally. The amount of data shared every day is astonishing, reaching exabytes (millions of terabytes) every day. Analysis of the vast requires new techniques and tools that make our online experiences more personalised and effective.

Data analytics played a key role in the success of eCommerce in the last decade and has since manifested its value in a number of other domains including biotechnology, education or health care. The growth in volume, but in particular variety and velocity of relevant data led to the big data analytics trend.

However, in the customer service domain, the use of data analytics is far from optimal, leaving petabytes of valuable customer data unexplored and lowering the quality of customer service.

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